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Voices for Children has heard your requests for VFC-branded clothing items. We are working in conjunction with CC Creations to provide the opportunity for volunteers, board members, and staff to purchase Voices for Children branded shirts, jackets, and sweaters. All items are available in navy blue with the embroidered VFC logo. Please note - colors and logo placement represented in the images are an artistic rendering and not the actual product photo.

The following items will be available for a limited time. Payment is due with your order. To reduce the cost of the merchandise, VFC will submit all orders to CC Creations following the close of business on May 1, 2024. CC Creations will complete the custom orders and return them to Voices for Children. You will be notified when the items are available for distribution. Our goal is to have the orders ready for distribution around 5/20/24. Please contact Nancy Browning if you have questions or need assistance.

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